Map of the Prairie City Ride. Usually takes around 3-hours to ride out to Prairie City from Boise via US-26. Plan was to take Logan Valley Road from Prairie City back to US-26 between Murray Reservior and Eldorado Pass (4623') until we were informed that it was closed due to snow. ;^(

Parked at edge of this Oregon Trail Viewpoint about 5 miles east of Prairie City by US-26 are the rides of Southeast Idaho locals Bruce, Grumbler and Kurt.

This Oregon Trail Viewpoint has an oversized covered wagon (not seen in pic) as a memorial to the Oregon Trail pioneers of the mid-1880s.

Would definately recommend Chuck's Little Diner in Prairie City as the food and service were outstanding. Our server also handed out the latest color copies of the Eastern Oregon "Come Ride With Us!" Guide.

Austin House is some 15 miles east of Prairie City via Dixie Summit (5279'). We stopped here for cold beers and a huckleberry shake after lunch on way back home.

Here's the cool 1864 saloon inside Austin House where we hung out awhile wearing our cool motorcycle t-shirts for Norton (Bruce), Triumph (Grumbler), and Crippled Old Biker Bastards (Kurt). =8^)

Grumbler's bugsplattered sled parked just outside the tiny town of Unity on southbound US-26 at mile marker 212 by a picturesque cattle ranch while we waited for Kurt, a frugal flyer, to catch-up with us.

This might well be the best pic from the trip. We got hammered by thundershowers for awhile as we rode south from Unity towards the Cenex gas station in Vale. We returned to Boise via Keeney Pass (2909').

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